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Renewable Energy

With fossil fuels becoming more of an issue in our society, renewable energy sources are becoming more important in our everyday lives. We can install a wide range of renewable energy sources to suit any scale of home electricity generation, from solar panels to wind turbines and geothermal heat pumps.

As unlikely as you might have thought, solar power is a viable option to provide some of your home energy in Belfast: solar panels convert light into electricity, not heat. Recent local research has shown that fitting solar panels for domestic use can save around £100 per year in a regular sized home in Belfast.

Wind turbines are also a viable means of producing some of your own electricity for use in your home. At Collins, we can install turbines of any scale to suit your needs. The use of wind to generate power will be of particular interest to people who own larger amounts of land; wind turbines can be used not only to produce energy for your own consumption, but can also produce energy which can be sold to the National Grid.

Please contact us to discuss how renewable energy sources can be of benefit to you.

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